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Secteur: Transport et entreposage (Transportation and warehousing)

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We are a major employer, with more than 30,000 people in the UK. We had revenues of approximately £7.8bn in 2019/20. We carried 2.1 billion passengers in 2019/20. We operated, managed or maintained combined fleets of 60,000 vehicles in 2019/20

We are a market leader in the passenger transport industry. We have clear commercial and performance improvement strategies in place to ensure our divisions reach their full potential while supporting our vision to provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities.

As well as serving a huge range of passengers, we work with national governments, city regions and local authorities to meet their transport needs. Partnership is at the heart of our success across our businesses. We work closely with procuring authorities, industry partners and communities everywhere, so we can best understand and respond to their specific needs and deliver solutions to congestion, helping stimulate local economies and deliver good value for customers. In turn, stakeholders know that by working with us, they have access to our depth of knowledge and the best of our global expertise.

Our businesses have a market-leading position in a sector which is key to driving economic growth and essential to creating strong and sustainable communities. As a private sector operator, we are well placed to deliver the most innovative and efficient solutions to the congestion which results from the growth of urbanisation across the world. We continuously improve our performance by sharing best practice across our businesses. This allows us to deliver high quality, safe and reliable services which meet the needs of customers and the communities we serve.

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